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18th Oct 2012
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[colour=red]Pan talks getting caught short crossing the Sahara, acid eyeballs and tells us [i]Trance is the Answer[/i], plus shares his thoughts on his latest release '[i]Beyond the Horizon[/i]' - all from a beach in Spain![/colour], 26th Sep
[colour=red]PAN expands on many things including his new album 'Hyperbolic Oxymoron' due for release on the 14th April 2022 on PsyWorld Records![/colour], 6th Apr
[colour=red]Is This Your First Record? Khromata gets ready to make her UK debut at Tribal Village[/colour], 8th Jan
[colour=red]Getting to know Perfect Stranger before he blasts Psy-Boutique Festival[/colour], 7th May
[color=red]The Voov Experience comes to London![/color], 10th Apr
[colour=red]Post-colonial take over with Amaluna[/colour], 14th Nov
[colour=red]Shattered Barriers presents... the one and only Rinkadink[/colour], 3rd Apr
[colour=red]Spun Out on Bahar’s Magic Soup[/colour], 26th Mar
[colour=red]Nikki S interviews Vini Vici ahead of their London debut at the Astral Circus presents Psy-Fi Festival London Launch party[/colour], 2nd May
[colour=red]Launching [i]Frequency of Space[/i] with Nikki S[/colour], 22nd Nov

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Submitted 04-Jun-12 (69151 views)
Here's a selection of tasty psychedelic beats that have been doing the business on the dance floor:

1. Xeno - Mechanimal (24/7 Records)
2. First & Last - Sonic Species (Alchemy)
3. Threshold - Nick Sentience & DJ Kristian (Night Vision)
4. Zero - Sonic Species (Alchemy)
5. Here & There - Astrix & Pixel (HOMmega)
6. Xtractor - Timelock (Iboga)
7. Deep Vibration - Vertical Mode (HOMmega)
8. Chandra - E-Clip (Ovnimoon Remix) (J00F Recordings)
9. Lazer Shot - Vertical Mode (HOMmega)
10. Spice Travel - Zen Mechanics & Sonic Species (Alchemy)


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From: AstralCircus on 23rd Jun 2012 16:58.15
Cracking list ... looking forward to your set at AC Smile

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